Neighborhood Library

To help our community have a broader understanding of the world, to help build imaginations and instill a love for life-long learning the Illinois College of Nursing set up a Little Free Library in a neighboring subdivision which comprises of at least 1,000 families.

The Little Free Library is a small wooden box in the shape of a little house that rests on a 4-foot post. The box is regularly monitored and filled with books that the community can access at any time.

The Little Free Library program is a free book exchange in which the users are encouraged to “take a book, leave a book.”


The College chose the designated location because of its high population of children and immigrants, lower socioeconomic status, underperforming neighborhood schools and the limited access to the public library for the residents since the subdivision is unincorporated.



The main address for the College is the designated drop-off location for anyone who is interested in donating books that are new or used but in good condition.

We would like to thank all of our students that have supported and participated in this amazing program!