LPN Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements:

  1. High school diploma or GED from a state approved school

  2. High School GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.00 scale

  3. Two letters of recommendation

  4. Evidence of completing and passing, with at least a "C" in each of the following courses:

    • English (3 years of HS or 1 semester in college)

    • Algebra (2 years of HS or 1 semester of college)

    • Biology (1 year of HS or 1 semester in college)

  5. Current CPR/BLS card

  6. Proof of personal Medical Insurance

  7. Certified Background and sanction check through www.certifiedbackground.com (1-888-723-4263 x7142)

  8. Proof and clearance of 10 panel drug screening through www.certifiedbackground.com (1-888-723-4263 x7142)

  9. Proof of Immunizations/Titers: MMR, Varicella, Hepatitis B and Tetanus; must be current

  10. Current PPD/TB Test PPD/Mantoux (2 Step TB skin test, each received 1-2 weeks apart and read 48-72 hours after administration); if positive must have Negative chest x-ray results

  11. Current history and Physical completed by a licensed health care provider

  12. Professional liability insurance.

  13. Valid CNA certification

The admission criteria listed above are basic requirements necessary for consideration into the Illinois College of Nursing's Practical Nursing program. However, admissions into the program are prioritized based on strength of each candidate’s application and school capacity.

All prerequisites must be completed and supplied to ICON before the start of class and prior to participating in any clinical portions of the program. Students are also required to be in good physical health and meet minimal physical requirements in order to participate in basic nursing duties and patient care for the safety of the student and patient.  

Upon receipt of the completed application packet, the ICON Office of Admissions will contact the applicant to schedule an interview and preadmission test. Upon acceptance into the program, the student will review and sign the enrollment agreement and submit the deposit to reserve their seat. Students will then be contacted to attend the orientation session prior to the beginning of classes for the school year.